Strategic Business Guide has brought focus to my efforts and direction.  Craig creates strategies providing direction and methods for my business (the P&L for one) that make my business profitable. He is creative in his approach and helps me get rid of the things I should not focus on.

Janice M
Redmond, Washington

I'm in a networking group with Craig and asked Strategic Business Guide to work with my business and he's AMAZING to work with!! Has definitely helped me focus my efforts for 2016!

Julie H.
Northwest Printed Apparel
Woodinville, Washington

Speaking Event - WSNLA PRO Series Landscape Design Caucus

There is obviously a REAL need for your services throughout our association. Thank you for your presentation on Bidding and Estimating to the PRO Design Group at WSNLA.  We appreciate your insights and preparation.

Toni C. - Seattle, Washington
Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association - PRO Series WSNLA Landscape Design Caucus

Craig has a unique ability to zero in on key points that propel a business into a forward direction.  It was very  helpful to have a fresh set of eyes look at my business and see where I was stagnate and to offer great advice in many areas, such as: marketing, personnel, time management and vision casting.

Craig has experience and natural talent to transition from a technical role to a management role and thus is highly capable to offer assistance.

Working with Craig is empowering and rewarding.  I highly recommend Strategic Business Advisors!

Mary,  Bellevue Washington
Northwest Outdoor Lighting Inc.

Some call in insight. Some call it discernment. Some call it intuition.  I just call it good common sense.  This ‘good common sense’ that Craig Peterson brings to bear when mentoring businessmen and women has been developed through years of experience, learning from successes and from failures, being willing to ask thought provoking questions and listening carefully to the answers.  Most importantly, Craig has a heart for people and understands both the tangible and intangible components that make up a successful business person. 

Craig is willing to ask the hard questions and provide straight forward honest feedback that helps a person capitalize on strengths while improving the areas that have been holding him or her back.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Craig to any businessman or businesswoman as someone with the highest integrity, with best in class skills, as someone who has helped me personally, and who will also help you reach your maximum potential.

Houston R. Harrison, Richland, Arkansas
Financial Advisor, HRH Financial, LLC

Craig Peterson is a polished business professional. He has outstanding people skills and is very skilled at giving presentations. On the technical side, he has a lot of energy industry knowledge and knowledge of setting up marketing websites. He brings a total effort to whatever project he is working on.

Cascade Natural Gas
Gary Smith, Seattle, Washington

Craig is a detailed oriented manager who was always on top of the situation. His expertise was instrumental in Cascade's successes in Oregon and Washington. It was always a pleasure working with Craig.

William Hayes, Seattle, Washington

Craig is excellent at analysis, proposals, and the technical aspects of his field, and is also a fantastic communicator. He has high energy and devotion to his work and is great at conveying ideas which will create new business for his organization. He was a pleasure to work with!

Marilyn Hill, Whidbey Island, Washington
Senior Professional in Human Resources

I have known and worked with Craig since 1999. We have worked on a number of projects in those 10+ years in multiple companies and in multiple countries.

My work experience with Craig gives me confidence in his ability to both anticipate the requirements of a task as well as carry them out.

Craig's word is his bond.

Michael Jones, Redmond, Washington
Visionary Technologist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Vice President of Business Development - Ingram Labs

Craig is the hardest working most focused individual I have every partnered with. Craig is a leader with the utmost integrity. I have the highest recommendation possible for Craig.

Ingram Labs
Michael De Vincenzi, Kansas City, Missouri
Owner / Creative Director: think atmosphere

Northeast Manager Energy Accounts - Aurora Natural Gas Corporation

Craig offers an exceptionally positive attitude towards the task at hand. He possesses the ability filter what is chaff from what is wheat. I have personally been involved with Craig in a project which required top level strategic planning and execution. True to character Craig portrayed poise, strength, and character in the execution of the corporate plan. Further, he drew upon and employed resources, which were fresh to the project. Overall, I would recommend Craig for your business if you requires; tactical thinking, strategic planning, execution, and follow through. Craig develops business.

Jim Horton, Illinois
Regional Sales Manager East at Oleumtech

I had the pleasure of working with Craig for a year in a start-up company. Of all of the people I worked with, Craig was my favorite. And not just because he is a brilliant strategist, but because he brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart whenever I spent time with him. He's serious about details and results, infinitely creative; but he understands too that a positive mindset and a sense of humor go a long way toward success. If you have the opportunity to work with Craig, don't miss it.

Marissa Stevens- Bend, Oregon

Craig, congratulations on your new start with the business that I felt you should be doing all along!  Your knowledge in the areas you are now using to help others is remarkable.  The way you demonstrated those skills in consulting and leading me while in Tampa was helpful more than you know! You are a man that can be trusted and I know will always keep your clients interests and what's best for them at the forefront of everything you do!  Good luck in this business that is you!

David Mobley - Jacksonville, Florida

Craig is one of those rare individuals who really "gets it". He has a unique ability to see through all of the clutter and get to the real issues at hand. But he is definitely not like the typical business consultant, whose advice is based on nice sounding theories, but have not put in the actual blood, sweat and tears that is needed to build a successful company. Craig has done it himself, building businesses from the ground up, and that gives him an authority behind what he says that you can just feel.

Plus all of his business experience is paired with a heart that knows that life is more than just pursuing a meaningful increase to the bottom line. I highly recommend Craig Peterson to any business that would be fortunate enough to partake from his vision, insight and years of accumulated wisdom.

Steven Van Wert - Tampa, Florida

Craig is precise, clear and to the point. His direction and wisdom have been a welcoming change to the chaotic swirl of life. Always steadfast, dependable and truthful. I'm looking forward to using his services again when a challenge arises.

Katheryne Scoggins - Los Angeles, California
writer for Darling Mag

Craig is Awesome. He has traveled the world and has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and business experience.

I enjoyed working with Craig and I know you will too.

Rita Barbato, BSEE, CM&AA - Tampa, Florida
The A List Group, Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor & Licensed Real Estate Broker

I've been in business for some 17 years now and after many struggles and a lot of thought I finally figured out I do not have all of the answers. The way our business world works is continuously changing and it always helps to have a fresh perspective on things. It's so easy for us to get bogged down on the day to day things and not realize that one or two simple steps could not only help you to the next level but could launch you far beyond. 

The crazy thing about that is it can be a lot easier for an outsider to see that than when you are in the midst of the craziness of everyday habits.  Craig Peterson is one of those people. I've never received bad advice from him and I've not only used him in business but in my person

A life as well.  Hind sight being 20/20 he would still be living in Tampa and on my full time payroll.  

Doug Carter - Tampa, Florida

I have had the pleasure of knowing Craig Peterson for well over a decade.  He is a man of great character, compassion, integrity, honesty, intelligence, and loyalty.  His energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity about life are contagious.  He puts his whole heart and soul into everything he does.  I have the utmost confidence in Craig and would trust him with my life, with my business, with my family.  His commitment to those he cares about is truly admirable.  He has that rare ability to encourage you when you are down and also to celebrate your successes with unbridled joy.

Paula Leonard - Sammamish, Washington
Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent, Seattle, Bellevue

If you CARE and THINK about great leading, and following, and are OPEN to actually doing something about it, then get to know Craig Peterson. His character is impeccable, his work ethic is commendable. He is a man’s man. His experience in business and in life makes the time you will spend with him more valuable than you can ever know. Get to know him, let him get to know you, and you will get to know yourself better which can and will translate into not only a more profitable business but more importantly, a more profitable, sustainable, enjoyable, life.

I speak from personal experience. I have known this man for many years. We shared much laughter and few tears, and his mentorship and friendship have had a profound effect on my businesses, my relationships, my life, and my ability to enjoy the process with laughter, grace and peace.

Any amount of time you spend with Craig will be a positive experience which can and will benefit you, your business and the people around you. He is an exceptional individual. He is passionate beyond measure for the things he believes in. And he believes in the right things, in my opinion.

If you are considering taking your business from idea to concept or from where you are to higher level, then commit to spending time with this man. You will not be disappointed.

Santo Steven BiFulco, M.D. - Tampa, Florida

I have benefited from the good fortune of Craig's consulting for over 6 years and have always found his insight to be comprehensive and refreshingly creative.  Being in the position of CEO and board member for a number of companies, as well as a former executive with a F100 corporation, the challenges of the business market changes quickly and dramatically,  Craig has always been able to quickly grasp an understanding of the situation, regardless of the landscape, and offers clear and beneficial solutions, often from unique paradigm.  I highly recommend his services in any organization. 

Daniel DeCesare - Tampa, Florida