Strategic Business Guide provides Management Advisory Services (MAS) to new business start-ups, turn around organizations and growth oriented companies in need of practical professional business advice.

Strategic Business Guide offers a list of Management Advisory Services for business owners to choose from based on their particular business needs.

Each of these services is defined by time frames of interaction, reporting, implementation of actionable strategies and measurable results.  

Please review the services to see which best meets your business goals or call/email for more information or any questions your may have.

Results start with:

  • Answering the phone - "how" makes a difference
  • Listening intently to what your prospective client is saying - listening for the PAIN
  • Asking the right questions - comprehending the PAIN
  • Being clear and specific about what you do, what you charge and what you do not do. - Stating succinctly and methodically your benefit to them
  • Showing up when you said you would, do what you stated you would do and charge what you proposed. - Represent you have ethics and integrity
  • Always asking for referrals, only if you have completed the above list - If you do great work, ask them to tell their friends.....and they have them.

Markets currently being served include:

  • Business Services
    Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms, Regional Insurance Offices, Business and Personal Printed Apparel
  • Creative
    Internet Development, Graphic Design, Glass and Stone Artisans, Film and Book Writers
  • Health Services
    Chiropractic Business Operations and Growth, Brewers of Fine Beverages

  • Vehicle Services
    Commercial and Light Duty Automotive Lifts, Boat Lift Builder
  • Architectural and Landscape Services
    Landscapers and Design Firms

  • Residential and Commercial Construction Services
    Residential Home Builders, Plumbers and Electrical Businesses, Water Damage and Mold Mitigation

  • Home Services
    Cleaning Services, Residential Security, Realtors, Home Security and Personal Security Specialists, HVAC Companies

  • Energy Services and Utilities
    Public Utility Companies and Unregulated Energy Marketing Firms

  • Manufacturing
    Electronics and Light Manufacturing Companies

  • Health and Fitness
    Personal Trainers and Fitness Equipment Companies

  • New Products to Market
    Energy Efficient Commercial and Residential Surface Covering

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” 
― Peter F. Drucker