Craig Peterson's History

Craig grew up in Rhode Island embracing New England’s mindset of practicality and efficiency. His parents are a mix of Scandinavian and Irish decent. Integrity, hard work and determination were the tenets of his upbringing. Craig's college focus was in business management and finance. Craig has personally started and successfully run 4 businesses in the services arena and been involved in multiple start-ups from a consulting position and as a active participant.

Craig has been blessed being married to a wonderful woman for over 32 years. This relationship developed into a family with 4 children and now 7 grandchildren.  Life has been full, indeed.

Craig's ventures have allowed much travel around the US, including Europe and the Middle East.  My first professional employment was as a R&D tech with a company converting to CAD CAM.  This employment open his mind to the divide between technology and manpower, integrating engineering designs with machine tool production. Craig then spent time in the field for a natural gas utility and was promoted to contract analyst for Providence Gas Co., now National Grid. 

Subsequent promotions lead to a great opportunity as a commodity and Manager of Gas Supply for the same large utility.  They realized Craig had a keen eye for evaluating contractual assets and reading spreadsheets, as well as creating highly functional spreadsheets. He developed an intuition for contracts analysis and optimization. Craig realized he understood the value of assets and how to optimize them. 

An energy firm from Dallas hired Craig to manage their Northeast division, learning the sharp distinctions of regulated and deregulated markets.  Then being hired to an opportunity as a business analyst for a firm in New England that was starting businesses in the Middle East.  With some travel to the Middle East working with start-ups, Craig learned to work cross-culturally and with a different business mentality.

This led Craig to an opportunity in Seattle working for an Internet developer as VP of Business Development.  Here he managed B2B and B2C Internet projects for the energy community, finance and various other business sectors.  Craig then went to work for an Interstate utility where he rebuilt the client base they had hemorrhaged and built, from the ground up, a division focused on B2B client services and sales called “The Business Pipeline”.

Craig was selected to start a property development company in Florida where I purchased property and developed high end properties.  During this time, Craig helped get my wife into her own successful start-up in the lighting business. Craig is very pleased with her development and growth from a house mom to a business owner.  They sold the Florida business to start a new business in Seattle, closer to family.  She now runs that business and is part of a new start-up in Salt Lake City.

She encouraged Craig to help others, like herself, who own businesses but need strategic and critical advice.  Though many friends and friends have come to Craig for years for my business and personal counsel, Craig never pulled the trigger to do it himself.  Now Craig is enjoying life developing relationships, helping people like YOU through business issues developing strategies for success.  That is the story of Strategic Business Advisors LLC.

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Jerry Hurley's History

Throughout his 40 year career in corporate operations, Jerry specialized in new venture start-ups, turnaround management and corporate growth. His expertise focuses on propelling small businesses to reach new milestones by identifying operational inefficiencies and growth development opportunities. 

Prior to incorporating Business Sense Solutions, Jerry was President and COO of Alliance Computing Technologies in Tampa.
Under his leadership, the start-up venture grew to a multi-million dollar enterprise in five years. Known for his turnaround management capabilities, he also served as president and CEO of Melbourne-based MC Assembly & Test Inc. restructuring the company creating increased gross margins and profitability within a two year period of time.

At Group Technologies Inc., he improved overall operations productivity with four consecutive years of above plan profitability resulting in revenue growth and a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company was recipient of the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award for excellence in Total Quality Management while Jerry served as Vice President of Operations with the Tampa-based company.

An employee for over eleven years with E-Systems (Raytheon Corp.), Jerry held various operations management positions including Vice President of Operations for its’ $2 billion division located in Dallas, Texas.

As President of Business Sense Solutions for twenty-five years, Jerry has been a sought after consultant to businesses nationwide addressing startup, turnaround and growth issues.