Client Question:  I have only so much money to spend on this business and need to be prudent with it, what should be my approach to acquiring more finances and how does the financing get paid for?  What's that plan look like?

Strategic Business Guide provides Financial Procurement Services (FPS) to those businesses that are seeking outside financing – loans or investments. Financing sources naturally want to know how much money your business requires, where you plan to get it and what you’re going to do with the money you raise.

Analysis within the Financial Procurement Services (FPS) focuses on the sources and use of funds. Understanding Equity Financing, Debt Financing, Capital Expenditures and Working Capital needed to determine the best possible scenario is the intend of the services offered. Not to mention the introduction to the banking community that has dealt successfully with Strategic Business Guides clients over the years in achieving financial support for their organizations.

Adequate working capital within small businesses continues to be a major problem resulting in the closure of many businesses. Appropriate funding needs to be in place at all times to sustain growth and continuity.

Financial Procurement Services affords the business owner the opportunity to plan and investigate alternative methods of receiving financial support.