"Hands On" Business Strategy That Yields Results...
and it's ALWAYS about results!

We are about solving your business problems, setting a new course, getting results, and being profitable.  With over 25 years of creating Go-to-Market strategies, client services development and client relationship management, Strategic Business Guide is the perfect solution for your emerging business in the difficult landscape that faces businesses today. 

When our clients come to us initially they have one of two struggles: not knowing how to reach the clients they want/need, or having too much business and needing a plan to manage growth.  Of course, we have worked with many on their initial business strategy that takes a lot of the guess work out of the previous two statements, because there is a plan in place.

Strategic Business Guide is about achieving results. As your Business Strategist our primary approach is to provide you with an opportunity to achieve business success by implementing proven business methods and practices suitable for your specific business.  It is our privilege to be able to work with you in your business.

Markets currently being served include:

  • Business Services
    Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms, Regional Insurance Offices, Business and Personal Printed Apparel
  • Creative
    Internet Development, Graphic Design, Glass and Stone Artisans, Film and Book Writers
  • Health Services
    Chiropractic Business Operations and Growth, Brewers of Fine Beverages

  • Vehicle Services
    Commercial and Light Duty Automotive Lifts, Boat Lift Builder
  • Architectural and Landscape Services
    Landscapers and Design Firms

  • Residential and Commercial Construction Services
    Residential Home Builders, Plumbers and Electrical Businesses, Water Damage and Mold Mitigation

  • Home Services
    Cleaning Services, Residential Security, Realtors, Home Security and Personal Security Specialists, HVAC Companies

  • Energy Services and Utilities
    Public Utility Companies and Unregulated Energy Marketing Firms

  • Manufacturing
    Electronics and Light Manufacturing Companies

  • Health and Fitness
    Personal Trainers and Fitness Equipment Companies

  • New Products to Market
    Energy Efficient Commercial and Residential Surface Covering

Our Process

Strategic Business Guide offers Management Advisory Services (MAS) to new business start-ups, turn around organizations and growth oriented companies in need of practical professional business advice.  This starts with "The Process", which is the SBG assessment tool for comprehending your business model and methods. 

Businesses require 8 Basic Elements to function properly, these are:. 

  • Company Description - selecting a marketable, easily recognizable name
  • Target Market - know who you a selling to and why
  • Competition - understand your competition and your differences
  • Marketing & Sales Plan - how do we reach our perfect client base
  • Operations - streamline the way you do your business
  • Management Structure - hire well and fill for growth intentionally
  • Future Development - where is this ship going?
  • Financials - making the connection between the numbers and your sale

Through "The Process" each of these elements are reviewed against "Best Practices and Methods" to determine a successful end result.

As your Business Strategist we take pragmatic and practical "hands on" approach in addressing your business needs. Being an integral part of the implementation process is the key to our process. Strategic Business Guide works within your company on "as needed basis" to develop your business model, optimizing existing assets and to manage the implementation process while holding you accountable for meeting expectations.

We live in a region with unprecedented growth and businesses struggle to manage client activities and services.  As this growth occurs, clients become disenfranchised and lose connection with your companies as a result of not having a plan to manage the growth of your business.  In other words, the phone does not get answered.  That's where Strategic Business Guide can aid your business.

Though based in Woodinville, Washington, we serve the Greater Seattle area including, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Bothell and Snohomish.  Our client list includes businesses across the United States and Europe.  However we have a great desire to build the local economy and improve the business health of our local community in Woodinville, Bothell and Bellevue.

What Our Clients Say

"Craig at Strategic Business Guide has a unique ability to zero in on key points that propel a business in a forward direction.  It was very helpful to have a fresh set of eyes look at my business and see where I was stagnate and to offer great advice in many areas, such as: marketing, personnel, time management and vision casting."

Mary P, Northwest Outdoor Lighting Inc.

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Craig at Strategic Business Guide to any businessman or businesswoman as someone with the highest integrity, with best in class skills, as someone who has helped me personally, and who will also help you reach your maximum potential."

Houston R. Harrison, Financial Advisor, HRH Financial, LLC


 “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 

― Antoine de Saint Exupery